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Kerala Beef Idiyirachi, a traditional beef dish known for its succulence and aromatic spices. Made from Machine dried premium Kerala beef meat. Jerky Minced with Spices.

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    Absolutely, all products are made in a small-scale production process, using traditional methods and techniques with high-quality raw materials, which are carefully selected, cleaned, and processed to perfection.

    No, we do not use any preservatives or antioxidants in our products. We believe in using only natural ingredients to ensure the best taste and quality and of course for health.

    We sourced directly from farmers and process them in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Additionally, we follow strict hygiene practices to ensure that our products are safe.

    Our products have a natural shelf life and do not contain any preservatives. Therefore, we recommend consuming them within a reasonable time frame. The shelf life of each product is clearly mentioned on the product and the website.

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Mudhome® Kerala beef idiyirachi (unakka irachi idichathu), Ready to eat. Experience the delightful fusion of beef meat and powerful flavors in our homemade and handmade Kerala Beef Idiyirachi, prepared with locally-sourced beef and idukki spices. Read More About Mudhome Idiyirachi.

Best for: Meal Side, as a snack, drink side dish, for sandwich etc.

Meat Used: Buffalo Meat, No Cows harmed.


Per 100g product (Approx)
Energy Kcal 413
Protein g 57
Tot Carbohydrate g 14
- of which Sugar g 5
Total Fat g 14


Mechanically Dried Beef MeatRed Chilli flakes, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Curry Leaves, Pepper, Garam MasalaCoconut Oil, Salt.

How its made?

Mudhome jerky beef meat (unakka irachi) undergoes a process of mincing to achieve the perfect texture. A harmonious blend of flavorful spices, including red chilli, garlic, ginger, turmeric, curry leaves, and black pepper, is added to the hot coconut oil till golden brown then the meat mixture is added, creating a symphony of tastes.

The seasoned beef is then gently cooked to perfection, allowing the flavors to meld together and creating an enticing aroma.

To add a final touch of taste, we use a hint of garam masala, which infuses the dish with an irresistible essence. 

Prepared with locally sourced beef and natural ingredients, this traditional recipe ensures that every bite is a delightful experience for your taste buds.

Beef Idiyirachi is a delicious combination of high-quality beef and authentic Kerala spices, prepared using cold processed coconut oil. We want to keep our product as pure as possible, which is why we avoid using any preservatives. This means that over time, the dish may naturally lose some of its freshness. To counteract this, we produce Beef Idiyirachi in small, carefully crafted batches. By doing so, we ensure that every serving maintains its rich flavor and quality, providing you with a delightful and authentic culinary experience.

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22 reviews for Idiyirachi Beef Ready to Eat

  1. Anita from Mumbai

    Mudhome’s Idiyirachi Beef is a true delight! The rich flavors of Kerala beef with their spices make it a perfect ready-to-eat option. It’s a taste of tradition in every bite.

  2. Priya Bengaluru

    Mudhome’s Idiyirachi Beef is the best. The convenience of ready-to-eat combined with authentic Kerala flavors is unbeatable. A delicious experience in every pack, love from Bengaluru.

  3. Maya, Lucknow

    Being a foodie, I’m always on the lookout for unique flavors. Mudhome’s Idi irachi Beef exceeded my expectations with its authentic Kerala taste. Loved it!

  4. Harish, Nagpur

    I can’t get enough of Mudhome’s Idiyirachi Beef! The smoky Kerala beef is the best tasty. I can smell the rich coconut oil. Love from Nagpur.

  5. Rahul, Guwahati

    The traditional Kerala flavors are spot-on, and the convenience makes it a go-to option for a quick and tasty meal.

  6. Jyoti, Raipur

    Perfect for those days when you crave authentic flavors. A must try item.

  7. Meera from Thiruvananthapuram

    The real taste of homemade idi erachi to your doorstep! This product is a delicious reminder of Kerala’s culinary richness. Absolutely loved it!

  8. Ananya from Trichur

    Mudhome’s Idi irachi Beef is a masterpiece! My friend recommend this and she was not wrong at all. Highly recommended.

  9. Rajesh, Chennai

    I was skeptical about ready-to-eat beef, but Mudhome proved me wrong. The Idiyirachi is tender, flavorful, and captures the essence of Kerala cuisine. A must-try!

  10. Karthik, Hyderabad

    As someone who loves spicy food, Mudhome’s idi erachi Beef was a flavor explosion! The Kerala spices are on point, and the convenience of ready-to-eat is a bonus.

  11. Deepa from Kolkata

    The Mudhome brand has nailed it with their Idiyirachi Beef! The smoky, succulent goodness of Kerala beef is captured beautifully. A hassle-free way to enjoy a traditional dish. Sure shot!

  12. Arun K

    One of the best Kerala Idi Erachies, great taste, pakka smoky flavour, balanced salt and pepper.

  13. Anjali from Chandigarh

    It’s a burst of flavors! The beef is crispy and a great option for combination of rice meals. Thumbs up!”

  14. Nisha J

    Ready-to-eat, combined with the rich flavors of Kerala. A must-try for all beef lovers.

  15. Shiva Dubai

    Mudhome’s Idiyirachi Beef is a culinary journey to Kerala on a plate. The smoky goodness and aromatic spices make it a delightful choice for a quick and tasty meal.

  16. Rakesh Ahmedabad

    Love this taste sensation! The balance of spices and the tenderness of the Kerala beef make it a standout. Recommended.

  17. Vinod, Indore

    Mudhome’s Idiyirachi Beef is a winner the Kerala beef is succulent, and the spices are just right. A great option for those busy days.

  18. Arjun, Nashik

    Being a fan of Kerala cuisine, Mudhome’s Idiyirachi Beef met my expectations. The premium quality and perfect blend of spices make it a top choice for a quick and tasty meal side.

  19. Geeta, Coimbatore

    I’m impressed! Mudhome’s Idi irachi Beef brings the flavors of Kerala right to my kitchen. The convenience of ready-to-eat without compromising on taste. Fantastic!

  20. Arya Jo, Bengaluru

    Everybody love your idi erachi beef, advise to ladies: keep away from men, they will finish it with their drinks!

  21. Rajesh Mumbai

    Overall nice experience, tastes good, nice smoky flavour.

  22. Nevin K Bengaluru

    Recently I bought a 90g bottle, it was crispy and tasty. I got a sample meat pickle packet with the order, thank you for that. My next order will be the pickle. Cheers Mudhome.

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