The Ultimate New Home Purchase Checklist

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Congratulations on your new home! The excitement of moving into a new space comes with the responsibility of ensuring you have all the essentials to make it feel like home. To help you stay organized and make the process hassle-free, we have created the ultimate new home purchase checklist. From furniture and appliances to household supplies and decor, this comprehensive guide will ensure you have everything you need for a smooth transition into your new abode. Let’s dive in and discover the essential items that will transform your house into a welcoming and functional home.

Item Name Total Qty Each/ Avg. Price
Bed Lamp Every Bedroom + Study rooms 1500-2000
Fan BLDC (Cost High) Every Bedroom  3900-5500
Fan AC (Low Cost) As Required  1250-3500
Tube (LED) As Required  250+
LED Bulb 9w (bedroom) 12w(high lighted area) 5w(bathroom) As Required  90+
Mirror Light strip or Lighted Mirror As Required
TV unit Light Strip 1  250+
Sealing Light Strip As Required  250+
Two way light for wall As Required
Floodlight As Required 2500+
Cooking Hob 3/4 burner 15-20000
Chimney 1 10-15000
Kettle 1 1000
Small TV Old/New  5k+
Wall Bracket for TV 2 1500
DTH/ Cable 1 3500-5000
Main TV 1 45-55000
AC 1 ton As Required 28-35000
AC 2 ton As Required 40-55000
Sound Bar/ Home Theatre 1 10-55000
Gas Stove 1 for mini kitchen 5-6000
Refrigerator 1 25-30000
Washing Machine Fully/ Semi Automatic 15-30000
Solar Inverter 1 25-50000
Key Board & Mouse for TV 1 each 1500
Microwave 1 5000-15000
Mixer Grinder 1 3500-6000
Outdoor Plants/ Indoor Plants As Required 250-5000
Plant Pots As Required 100-2000
Flower Vases, Toilet vase, indoor plants, Photo Frames, Wall Pictures, Rugs, As Required
Window  Curtain blinds As Required
Curtain Fittings As Required
Modular Kitchen baskets-Steel As Required
Cupboard Hanger pipe
HD Fiber Door Each toilets 6500-aprox
Shower Curtain & Fittings Each toilets 1000
Soap Dispenser Each toilets/ Wash area, Kitchen 600
Towel rod Each toilets 500
Kitchen plate baskets-Steel As Required 3500-9000
CCTV and smart fittings/Amazon Alexa voice control 4 outdoor cams, smart switches, plugs etc. 50-75k
Wooden Cot Each bedrooms 10-25k
Spring Bed (King, Single) Each bedrooms/ Outhouse 30+7
Bedside Table Each bedrooms 2000
Bedroom Table & Chair Each bedrooms 4000
Bar Chairs for Open Kitchen 3 2500
Corner Sofa. Buy or Design Drawing Room 25-50k
Dining Table & Chairs 1+4 or 1+6 30-50000
Main Sit out Chairs 3 5-10k
Outhouse Sit out Chairs 4 1000
Stools 4 500
Fiber Chairs 4 3000
Drawing room Teapoy 1 6-10k
Crockery & Glasses 10000
Cutting board, Knives, 4500
Waste Bins 5 600
Teapoy/ Drawing room Rugs As required 4k+
Photo Frames As required 2000
Corner sofa flower vase 1 1000
Bucket, Cups, Spatulas, Spoons, Forks, Funnel, Oil dispenser, Masala Pots, Tea & Coffee Pots, As required 3000-5000
Griddle, Pan, Saucepan, Aluminum Pots, Clay Pots, Coffee Mugs, Glasses, Wine Glasses, Glass Tray, Chapati Board & Rolling Pin, Bottle Opener, Bowls, Wisk, Tongs, Foils, Scrubber, Washing Liquids, Stepping stool, Garbage Cans, Broom, Duster, Wet Mop, Laundry Bin, Iron Box, Ironing Table, Clock, Shoe Rack, Slippers, Pens & Pencils, Area Rug, Bath Mats, Welcome Mats, Sleep Mats, Toilet Brush, Hammer & Few Nails, Tool Box, Candle Holders and Candles, Weighing Scale, Water Bottles etc. As required 10000-20000

Complete Your New Home Checklist: A Guide for Every Budget

In conclusion, this comprehensive new home purchase checklist serves as a valuable resource to ensure you have all the necessary items for your new home. Whether you’re working with a tight budget or have more flexibility, this guide can be tailored to meet your specific needs. From essentials like furniture and appliances to personal touches like decor and accessories, this checklist provides a solid foundation for creating a comfortable and functional living space. Remember, this is just a guide, and you can customize it based on your preferences and budget. Congratulations on your new home, and may it be a place where you create lasting memories and find joy and contentment.

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